This is a complicated question but we'll try to answer as simple as we can. Active noise cancelling technology was developed in the headphone industry in the year 2000. For more than 10 years, Srhythm was an active noise cancelling technology solution provider for the world's most famous headset brands(as well as Hi-Fi audio and wireless technology).
There are several built-in microphone units in each earpieces(different from our phone call mics), to pick up surrounding noise(between 50-1000Hz waves). The built in circuits operate in real time where they cancel by emitting the opposite frequency of the noise that's being picked up! Real Noise cancelling can cut down most noise around us especially while traveling by plane, bus, subway, etc. to let us enjoy the best sound. 

Absolutely, ANC listens for external noises and filters them out while giving you only what you want to hear, your music or silence!

Nope! That'd be far too dangerous, for your safety we never release a product with 100% ANC because you have to be aware of some of your surroundings ;)

You're in luck, it's super easy! Just go on your iPhone and open what you want to pair. Push the headphones top center button (on the NC25) for 3 or 4 seconds until you hear a ding. It will come up on your iPhone as nc-25, select, and enjoy!


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