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Please reset your headphone by inserting 3.5mm audio cable into audio socket then removing it. Sometimes you may try long Press both “Multi-function”+”Volume Down“ buttons simultaneously more than 5 seconds to delete bluetooth pairing (or "Volume Up" + "Volume Down" buttons)

Please make sure to remove all cables if you need to use the bluetooth wireless.

Kindly Note:

1. please full charge your headphone before/after resetting;

2. And please reset several times to ensure success.

1. Please double check the battery status of your headphone.;

2. Please try to reset the headphone;

3. Please make sure to remove all cables if you need to use the bluetooth wireless.

For the mentioned issue, you could try the following steps to resolve issue

1. Please full charge your headphone with USB-A to USB-C charging cable(* not * USB-C to USB-C) and 5-10W power wall charger (don't use fast charger).

Note: Don't charge it with rapid charger, recommend: 5V1A or 5V2A charge adapter.

2. Please use another certified charging cable to charge;

3. You could try to solve the issue by re-setting the headphone;

4. Please check if the charging port is broken.

Kindly Note: Please use the headphone within the operating temperature range: 0°C (32 F) - 45°C(113 F)

  • Please make sure that the headphone is connected via bluetooth before starting software.

1. MAS OS: [System Preferences]-[Sound]-[Output]-select *Srhythm NC25* -[Input]-select *Srhythm NC25*

Windows: [Settings]-[System]-[Sound]-[Output]-select *Srhythm NC25* -[Input]-select *Srhythm NC25*

2. Left-click the small speaker icon on the desktop---select the playback device---select *Srhythm NC25 Stereo* for high sound quality but no mic---select *Srhythm NC25 Hands-Free AG Audio* for mic but bad sound quality (Please select the corresponding function according to your needs).

1. Please charge your headphone. It still needs just little power to work about extra dozens of hours even if in wired mode. If you'd like to use ANC function when in wired mode, the ANC need more power support.

2. Please try to reset your headphone.

1. After pairing successfully, please tap the icon on the right of your device name on the Bluetooth menu of your device and make sure the "Sync volume with phone" is on. IOS will synchronize volume automatically, but Android needs to turn on manually.

2. Please increase the volume on both the device and the headphones.

3. For some software such as SPOTIFY, you may need turn the equalizer to OFF, then the full spectrum come through and the volume will be easily adjustable.

  • For NC15/NC25/NC25Pro/NC35/NC75Pro. Yes, It works in wired mode. But ANC and AUX mode are unavailable when the headphone is out of battery.
  • For NC85/NC95. No, ANC can't be turned on in wired mode. But it works whether Bluetooth is on or off.

Step 1: Pair NC25 with First device via Bluetooth successfully and then turn off the First device’s Bluetooth;

Step 2: Pair NC25 with the Second device via Bluetooth;

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth of the first device and pair it with headphone again.

Now both of your devices are paired with Srhythm headphone for easy switching.

Reference Video:

Step 1: Grasp one corner of the earmuff and move it out.

Step 2: Insert a corner of the earmuff into the buckle, you could hear a click when done.

Step 3: Press edges of earmuff into 10 buckles in turn.

For NC15/NC75Pro, so sorry that the earmuffs of NC15/NC75Pro are not replaceable due to special design.

Reference Video:

Please note that ANC and Bluetooth are indicated by the same LED indicator light(but different light color), with a green light for ANC and a blue light for Bluetooth. If you need to turn Bluetooth off, please turn off ANC firstly in case that you make confused by the color lights, then long press the multi-function button 3-5 seconds to turn off the headphone.

  • For NC95. Yes, you can still listen to music when the Over-ear headphone is out of battery, but ANC mode is unavailable.
  • For NC15/NC25/NC25Pro/NC35/NC75Pro. No, It still needs little power to work in wired mode.

No, Microphone and buttons control are not working in wired mode.

Please check if your headphone is in pairing mode or reconnection mode, check if Bluetooth of your device is turned on. If all done, then go to Bluetooth menu of your Bluetooth device, delete/ignore the headphone pairing name "Srhythm NC25". After that, you can try to reconnect Bluetooth.

Some customers have mentioned poor audio quality on Windows PC. Please note that there are "Headset" and "Headphone" modes you can toggle by changing your output device. Selecting "Headphone Mode" will drastically improve the audio quality. "Headset Mode" is designed for highly compressed VOIP calls,etc. That's not the fault of headphone product, that's just the limitation of that protocol. If you are in "Headphone Mode" ,the audio quality is fantastic.

1. Please check if there are any metal materials or obstacles within a relatively close range or your surroundings that perhaps interfering with Bluetooth connection. This may happen because Bluetooth is a radio technology which is sensitive to objects between headphone and other devices.

2. Delete the Bluetooth pairing name on your ALL devices(it will toggle between your connected devices due to multi-point connection), restart it. Then reset your headphone by inserting the included audio cable into headphone audio socket and removing it(sometimes need to insert several times to reset successfully), then reconnect it

  • If your TV has bluetooth, you can connect the headphones to the TV directly via bluetooth.
  • If your TV hasn't bluetooth, you'll need to buy an extra bluetooth transmitter to work wirelessly. 

No, you can not. The headphone uses a built-in non-detachable Li-Polymer battery that can not be repalced.

For your safety, we strongly recommend that you do not use the headphone while driving to aviod distraction.


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