Key Insights on ANC Headphones: Top 6 Questions

Explore the essential facts about ANC headphones with answers to the top 6 questions. Learn more now!

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Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology was an innovative invention made it possible where people are immersing in audio fully without any disturbance of external noise. What this technology does is whether at a ruckus transportation, a busy office desk or an area with noise is like still have the best of listening to music and quietness as the percentage of noise reduction is up to 55% while at the same time the audio quality is normal. On the contrary, ANC microphones provide an opportunity to diminish the second-hand noise by using cutting-edge technology to create the most precise and clear listening experience. 


1. Specify about the term as Active Noise Cancellation. 

Understanding the Technology

 The Active Noise Cancellation technology is a technology, which is utilized in some headphones and it incorporates an advanced audio algorithm that use microphones and speakers. The microphones have an antenna that receives the environmental sound while the speakers generate a sound wave that is 180 degrees or phase-oppositely to the incoming noise. This clearly blocks out the external sounds which the ear accociates with. This technology performed very well at cancelling low-frequency noises that are consistent like the sound of an airplane engine, vehicles-roads noise and the rumble of a train which are typical in transit.

The Role of Srhythm

 Srhythm is a key player in the noise cancellation technology market, being the creator of a highly advanced ANC system. The latest noise-cancelling headphones not only eliminate the best-known low  frequency sounds but also target the mid-frequency disruptions which are common in open office configurations or loud cafeterias. This improves the newer model’s performance. Therefore, Srhythm headphones have an excellent noise cancelling capability than many of their competing brands. Through the encouragement of both low and mid-range frequencies sound reduction, Srhythm ANC headphones enable users to come across almost a silent background, offering totally zero-noise audio experience that is the result of any environment one may be in.


2. How Do ANC Headphones Differ From Passive Noise Isolation?

The Basics of Passive Isolation

 In comparison to the active noise cancellation counterpart, the passive noise isolation does not involve the use of electronics, so it does not require the use of devices. Instead, ones acoustic characteristics are determined by the design of the headphones and its materials. Gowns made of thick, noise-absorbing materials including the memory foam used in earcups block physically noise originating in the outer world. The success of positive isolation will be determined from the seal of tightly endearing your ears into the channel hole/s of the headphones. Thick, cushioned, and over-ear cups can be found in headphones that are meant to achieve good noise isolation. The snug-fitting ear tips in the in-ear headphones also do the same job as they create a tight seal against the skull or ear canal, therefore stopping any sound from getting inside.

 Comparing the Effectiveness

 Though such a method of passive noise isolation might sound redundant, it is exceptionally capable of blocking high-frequency sounds like human voices and clattering keyboards, but at the same time, it has several limitations to tackle the low-frequency sounds. As opposed to that, active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones combine both passive isolation and electronic noise cancellation –the active components. This mechanism involves the microphones that pick up external sounds and the invert the sound waves that are sent through the headphone with the same frequency. By the effect of opposite waves these inverse waves wipe out the nosy incoming. This technique is more effective compared to active isolation when the continuous, hypnotic noises of planes engines or the road traffic are considered that simply would give a more quiet background.


ANC headphones, is one example of which types would either work best in helping you relax and will not distract people in the nearby area like the ones from brands, e. g. Srhythm. Not only they make use of better insulation of the  passive sound, but also the enhanced  electronics for the active noise cancellation. This twin-tube approach gives them the capacity to filter out more frequencies in a broad-bandpass manner than with single tube alone, which is why these models are most commonly used for users who are in need of the best sound results in a variety of scenarios. Srhythm’s ANC headphones have gathered their reputation around noiselessness at mixed frequencies, for instance a rumble of a subway train or café noise that is most effectively canceled above all, so the audience must be able to enjoy music.

3. Is There Different Kind Of ANC Headphones?

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 Varieties of ANC Headphones

 Yes, ANC headphones comes in variety of styles which are each suited to different purpose and listening choice. The different categories are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear.


Over-Ear Headphones: These pair of headphones has comfortable over-ear cups that completely covers the ears. The whole design is unintentionally passive, which allows it to have excellent noise isolation because of the ear being completely covered by it. Over ear headphones usually are more popular for their comfort during long listening sessions, providing ample space for larger, louder drivers, which in turn yields an excellent sound quality offering noise cancellation that is effective.


On-Ear Headphones: Given the fact that they are designed to be small in size and more compact, on-ear headphones are positioned on the outer part of one's ear. They are slighter than over the ear ones, meaning they can be an ideal alternative when you go traveling or commuting. Nevertheless, they might not give as much of a passive noise blocking as being over ear as it can affect the functioning of the ANC.


In-Ear Headphones: Earbuds are another name for the in-ear ones which fit directly into ear canals. Earbuds are the most flexible of the three types; they are often supplied with an easy-to-carry case in which they are stored, and in which they are charged, making them especially appealing for walkabout use. Although they offer active noise cancellation that is really effective, the isolation experiences really depend on you being able to get a proper seal between the ear tips and your ear canal.

Spotlight on Srhythm Models

Srhythm Over-Ear Models: commonly renowned for their solid build and outstanding noise-canceling levels, these earphones have been made for the purpose of providing the listeners with quality audio experiences. They are great options for long flights or in noise unmasking situations where acoustic isolation is a necessity.


Srhythm In-Ear Models: These compact models suit a demographic that both on the move and in search for efficient noise reduction. As the ultimate companion for commuters or fitness lovers, Srhythm’s behind-the-ear headphones are designed to be lightweight, discreet, and rely on ANC technology for minimizing the background sound even in noisy urban spots.


Every Srhythm model is manufactured with a particular user experience in mind, whether it is the over-ear headphones with the rich isolation needed or the convenience of in-ear models but they are equally given the best active noise cancellation tailored to the style of one’s lifestyle.


4. What to Ask for When Purchasing ANC Headset

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 Elements to be Considered

Keep in mind a few considerations when choosing noise cancelling headphones batteries life, comfort, the sound quality, and how well the ANC technology works. The other thing is to consider if they come with additional functionality like Bluetooth or built in assistant.

 Why Choose Srhythm?

 Selecting Srhythm guarantees availability of the most advanced active noise cancellation capacities which are added by high quality audio and non-movables features.

5. How Can You Maintain ANC headsets in a way that will give their best results?

 Care and Maintenance Tips 

In order to keep your ANC headphones effective, make sure you clean the ear pads and drivers regularly, avoid extreme temperature changes when storing them, and update the software to ensure it offers compatibility and performance enhancements. 

Srhythm's Support and Warranty

 Seniority guarantees you as a customer to receive both technical support and rich warranty policy, significantly improving the quality of your listening experience thanks to effective headphone performance.

 6. Speaking of the Advancements of ANC Technology – What of Next Steps? 

Innovations on the Horizon

 Adapting ANC technology for future applications becomes very exciting based on current trends that deal with maintaining high sound quality, enhancing the breadth of the range of frequencies that can be eliminated, and refining context-aware systems.

 Srhythm's Commitment to Innovation

 Srhythm, being ahead of the technological developments, continues to introduce new features on hardware and software to bring a better user-experience and consequently become the leader in active noise cancellation technology (ANC).

 Through the comprehension of those key features of ANC headphones, consumers will, thus, be able to have better choices and have the best sound experiences. Being one of the dominant brands in the business, Srhythm is always at the top of the list when it comes to the best noise cancelling headphones.