How to Connect your NC35 Bluetooth Headphone to a Tablet?

No matter how good the speakers built into your tablet, they probably can't compete with a full-sized speaker set or some dedicated headphones for a more intimate listening experience. Thanks to the magic of Bluetooth you can easily hook up external players from your tablet. Whether you are new to the world of wireless audio or looking to pick up a few tricks, here's how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your tablet.


How to connect NC35 Bluetooth headphone to a tablet

1. Before you start

Before you start pairing your devices, you would need to carefully prepare your environment with precautions. This will easier your device to a location using a pairing code. But also, your search signal will connect easily your paired devices and sync any form of data such as music, videos, etc. The method is compatible from your device such as Android or iPad, and require to check important instructions before proceeding to pairing as showed cf-below

Step 1. Make sure you turn on your Bluetooth headphone for 3s for both devices.

Step 2. Ensure you keep your Bluetooth headphone as close as possible to your Tablet during pairing process on a cleaned surface.

Step 3. Make sure your system support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (AD2P)Bluetooth Profile.

Step 4. Make sure your paired devices are fully charged.

As you might expect, setting up your environment will perform your pairing devices with a higher speed and frequency range operated, leading to a clearer sound quality and smoother sync of your APPs. Keeping them fully charged on a cleaned close surface will easy pair your device connection list and will ensure a better direction by following on-screen steps as explained cf-below.

Clearing space, preparing to connect headphone to table

2. Select your pairing mode

Easy to switch modes by tapping through to one touch button on your Srhythm headphone, it offers a large compatibility and flexibility for mobile users. With an innovative pairing concept, it deliver a clear crystal sound with high quality audio playback, strong mega-bass and dual driver HD. Ensuring the most comfortable listening experience, pairing mode allow you to choose how to listen your music and use your speaker once adjusted. Providing isolation from constant noises, your selected pairing mode will enhance your signal quality within a wide distance. Depending on your tablet features, your pairing process to it may differ if you select either Bluetooth or USB port as explained cf-below.

Girl and boy wearing Shythm headphones
2.1 Pair via Bluetooth your headphones to a Tablet

If you are using a tablet, your Bluetooth device must be in ¨discoverable¨ mode. Indeed, Bluetooth devices can´t connect and sync if both devices are too far and therefore your ¨discoverable¨ mode won´t display. Place your pairing devices near each other and ensure to respect a distance up to 33ft. Be sure the Bluetooth hardware on your device is actually enabled. You will often see a toggle in the Bluetooth settings area. Your device will be recognized by your headphone when the process is complete. By requiring both devices to operate in this mode to effect a pairing, please follow instructions cf-below

Step 1. From your Tablet, open your Settings APP.

Step 2. Tap Connected devices connection preferences Bluetooth.

Step 3. Tap then pair new device.

Step 4. Search for the Bluetooth signal and select ¨NC35¨. A flash blue light will display for pairing devices.

Step 5. If you see a password request, please enter ¨0000¨.

Step 6. Follow any on screen steps and click OK to close window.

Please note your pairing code is unique from your current device and can easily unpair it. Selecting a new Bluetooth device list, your connection preferences will be saved for pairing it within a new one. If you are unable to connect your pairing device to a Bluetooth accessory, check to ensure that you have updated the Bluetooth accessory's firmware to the latest version. Refer to the manufacturer's user manual for instructions on updating the accessory's firmware.

Connection of bluetooth to headphones

2.2 Pair via USB your headphones to a Tablet

For users who need to listen to their favorite music and charge their tablet at the same time, pairing via USB is here to save the day. Since this Bluetooth headphone is made from high-quality copper, it’s designed to provide a stable and high-speed signal transmission which equals clear sound quality. Compared to Bluetooth process, you can connect USB to any Srhythm headphones up to 33 feet and stream music from your tablet. A simple set-up with one-button pairing and auto re-pairing will adjust your preferences according to your bi-mode selection.

USB port

If your tablet has a USB connector, you can plug it into any Srhythm devices with a USB port. With your USB headphone, you can bypass the device´s audio jack and select your device list before pairing them. By doing so, it will keep your connection saved when process is done and sync any form of data such as music, video, etc. Also largely used for charging with a USB cable, you won´t be able to connect your paired devices if they are not equipped with a USB port. In this case, that is recommended to buy a special adaptor as explained cf-below.

Headphones lighning speed charge

Splitter adaptor

If you can´t plug to your tablet, you can convert your Srhythm headphone with separate audio jacks to a combined audio jack. Enabling you to use all your equipment's, it is features with 2 splitters for connecting and adapting them to your headphone. Powering your sound stereo and transforming it with a 3,5mm mic port, you can have two pairs of headphones connected and listening to the same source port or two mics plugged for recording to the same source port. Detecting easily your paired devices by Plug N´ Play, your Bluetooth connection will sync any form of data from them so that you can focus on what matter most in silence. Ultra-lightweight and portable, splitters adaptors come with a variety of sizes, design and shapes that enable to pair your devices. To help you in that buying decision, you can compare the best splitters adaptors for headphones and filter them by criteria.



splitters adaptor for headphones

The bottom line

To conclude, there are a couple of ways to pair your tab to your Srhythm headphone. Among one of the bi-mode selected, either Bluetooth or USB, your music, podcasts and other audio will now be sent through the Bluetooth device you've connected and enable to stream your music. If it isn't working, try forgetting the device and reconnecting again from scratch. Bluetooth is hugely convenient but it can be a temperamental technology at times. A careful preparation must be therefore due before selecting your device list. If you experience problems, make sure there are no other devices in range (like Bluetooth keyboards) that could be interfering. Disconnecting and reconnecting can usually clear up most issues.