How to Clean ANC Headphones and Make Them Last

ANC Headphones from Srhythm

Maintaining the life of your ANC headphones requires more than just cleaning. This includes proper storage, mindful maintenance, and healthy listening practices. If you adopt a comprehensive care routine, it will significantly increase the life span of your headphones. Especially if these are high-quality, durable devices from Srhythm. You can enjoy your headphones for many years by maintaining them in the best possible condition.

Keep up with regular maintenance and checks

  • Be sure to check your headphones every day for signs of wear. Be sure to pay special attention to your headphones' cables, connectors, ear pads, and other components. They are usually the first ones to begin to wear out.
  • Srhythm's models are compatible with replacement parts. It is possible to replace the damaged detachable cables, ear pads, or other parts of your headphones at a lower cost than purchasing a brand-new pair.

Proper Storage

  • If you aren't using your headphones, store them in a protective bag. The simple act of storing your headphones in a protective case will shield them against dust, moisture, or accidental damage.
  • Avoid extreme environments: keep your headphones out of places with high humidity and temperatures that are too hot. Exposure to these environments can cause the electronic and material components to be damaged, resulting in a reduced or complete failure of your headphones.

Listening Habits

  • Safe Volume Levels: Overly loud music can be damaging to your hearing and also cause stress on the headphones drivers. It could even lead to premature failure. Moderate volume is the best way to listen to your favorite music while preserving your headphones.
  • Break-In Period: When using new headphones for the first time, increase the amount of use over a few days. This will allow the drivers the chance to become accustomed to the device. It will improve sound quality, and keep the headphones performing optimally.

You can easily clean your ANC Headphones by following this guide.

The performance of Srhythm's ANC headphones depends on their cleanliness. This step-by-step guide will take you through best practices to maintain your headphones and ensure that they continue providing the quality sound you love.

Earbuds & Ear Cups Cleaning

This method uses a damp cloth

  • To begin, gently wipe the ear cups as well as the outer surfaces on your headphones. Use a moistened soft cloth. This technique effectively removes dirt from the surface of your device without any risk of water damage.
  • Checking for residue: Inspect surfaces again after wiping. Proceed to the next stage if you find that the ear cups are still dirty.

Soapy Solution

  • Preparation - Dip the same cloth thoroughly in mild soapy water and ensure that it remains damp.
  • To clean, gently wipe all surfaces of the ear cups. The soapy solution will remove the dirtiest stains.
  • Rinsing the Headphones: Clean off all soap residue using a wet cloth.

Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

  • Disinfecting headphones: Clean the insides with a cotton pad dipped into rubbing liquor. This process not only cleanses but disinfects surfaces by killing bacteria and germs.
  • The alcohol should evaporate in a matter of minutes.

Tips for Earbud Cleaning

  • To remove debris, use a brush with a soft, dry bristle or an earbud cleaning tool.
  • Use rubbing-alcohol-dipped cotton swabs to clean and disinfect more thoroughly. Do not allow the cotton swab to become saturated with liquid. This will stop it from getting inside the earbuds.

Charger Case Cleaning

  • Interior Cleaning: Make sure to concentrate on the dirt-prone areas of the case with a cotton pad dampened in a mixture of mild soap and warm water.
  • To avoid moisture damage, dry the case completely first before returning the headphones.

Water Resistance: How to Deal with It

  • Knowing Limits: Know the headphone's rating for water resistance. Although Srhythm headphones have been designed to resist certain levels of water, you should not go beyond these limits when cleaning. Protect your device by using a damp cloth. Do not use wet ones.

Following these simple but effective cleaning instructions will keep your Srhythm ANC earphones in pristine condition, ensuring that they deliver an exceptional level of sound and durability. It is important to keep your audio devices in good condition by cleaning them regularly.

Regular maintenance tips for your ANC headphone

Image from Bose website: Bose Headphones

Srhythm ANC Headphones are not just about cleaning them occasionally. They need to be maintained regularly to keep their sound quality high and durable. You can improve your headphones' performance by adopting simple but effective habits. You can maintain your headphones by following these simple steps:

Keep Your Home Clean

  • Wipe down your headphones regularly: As a rule, give them a quick clean after each usage. This easy step will prevent oils, sweat, and grime from building up on the headphones, which can eventually degrade their materials and impact sound quality.
  • Weekly Deep-Clean: Go beyond the simple wipe-down each day and spend time cleaning more thoroughly every week. Follow the instructions provided in your cleaning guide. This method ensures any accumulation from frequent use will be removed.

Proper Storage

  • If you do not use headphones often, place them in a charging case. This will not only keep them ready to use and fully charged but will also prevent them from being damaged by dust or debris.
  • A Dry, Clean Space: If you do not have a charging station, make sure your headphones are kept in a dry, clean place. Avoid leaving your headphones in places that may be susceptible to spills and moisture. For example, kitchen counters or shelves.

Avoid Moisture

  • It is important to dry your headphones immediately. Exposed to moisture, they can suffer damage. If they become wet you should dry them out as quickly as possible using a lint-free, soft cloth. Attention should be paid to all openings and charging ports to prevent any internal damage.
  • Consider your headphones' rating for water resistance. Srhythm ANC headsets can withstand certain amounts of moisture but aren't waterproof. It is best to avoid using the headphones in heavy rainfall or intense exercise that may cause them excessive sweat.


Srhythm ANC headphones perform best and last longer when they are properly maintained. Incorporating these cleaning practices and routine maintenance will help you to ensure that your headphones provide you with the reliable sound and pristine quality of your choice. Well-maintained headphones extend their life and improve your listening pleasure. Srhythm headphones provide unmatched sound quality. Enjoy!