5 Ways You Are Using Your Bluetooth Headphone Wrong


Having problems with your headphone ? Very often, misuse can inevitably cause damage of your device and cause broken connections, crackling sound, etc. In order to avoid a new Bluetooth headphone or accessories purchased in the next few months, please follow below our tips to keep them safe and use them properly.

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  1. Not using a protective case


The most common reason why your Bluetooth headphone is damaged relate to a sudden accident without having zipper it in your protective case. Designed semi-hard or circular, they pad your earpieces and accessories with an adjustable strap and cushioning materials for avoiding minor damages such as scratches. Built-in with a large storage capacity combining an easy use and soft ergonomic design, you will be able to protect your Bluetooth headphone and secure it properly. Largely compatible with a wide range, if you lost your pouch case or carrying case, that is recommended to buy an universal one or contact your manufacturer by ensuring about the quality made.

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  1. Not quality focused


As you might expect, Bluetooth headphones scale different prices online-offline but their quality may differ according to materials made of and technologies featured. A premium design will strengthen the durability and battery life of your headphone by performing a deeper bass and premium sound. If you choose therefore a cheaper headphone, its lower-grade material won´t be neither subject to a full protection nor a great sound. Sound damaged may occur and lead your device to a general failure. Among other things, a compare between them will guide you in your buying decision after reading carefully trusted reviews, features, description, etc.

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  1. Misunderstand IP ratings


As per your product features displayed, IP ratings may be outlined for protecting your headphone. Referring as ingress protection, their two digits between 0 to 8 mention to a resistance level. The first one stand for protection against solid, and equal to a resistance level up to 6. As for the second one standing for protection against liquids, its resistance level is up to 8. Therefore, if you want a waterproof Bluetooth headphone, the IP rating should be between 7 or 8 if you go exercise indoor or outdoor during rainy day´s. But in most of cases, IP ratings are not mentioned from manufacturers as it refer to a IPX4 standard level combining a low pressure water protection and a resistance to splashes, light rain, sweat and mist spray bottle. Determining the highest IP rating will keep your Bluetooth headphone and accessories last, so that you can enjoy your most popular musics and roll up safely your accessories after use.

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  1. Wadding up wires


Stretching, pulling or wadding up wires result to a wiring getting severe at the connection point and ligaments. The most common way to keep them safe and manage breakage is to loose and sized up them by rolling gently with a twist-tie, or velcro cable. By meaning so, when your cables unplugged, they shouldn´t have tension and should rest loosely in a protective case. If you roll up them at 90 degree angle, your cables may be damaged and won´t able to charge properly your headphone. Indeed, though your driver may works, your tension unit may be damaged and cause a replacement cable. Bluetooth headsets can be used passively with a replacement cable for charging it. Some precautions are therefore required before keeping your cables safe.

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  1. Not cautious


Keeping your environment clean and healthy is a common practice to avoid general malfunctioning. If your floor surface contains dust, pet hair or stains, your Bluetooth headphone may cause a poor performance, and lead to a sound cracking, sync error, etc. Keeping your headphone and accessories away from accidents while being careful is the best solution to protect and secure them. A regular cleaning every week by using cleaning products and rinsing with a sponge can avoid therefore possible falls, and improve your musical atmosphere.

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The verdict


To conclude, we can say that there are a couple of ways to use correctly your Bluetooth headset.

Depending on the condition of your device, it is recommended that you pay particular attention to any mains connection and your surrounding environment. As per advice given, people will probably buy first a new headphone if the sound quality and technical performance are bad, replace then their cable if it is defective, and finally contact their manufacturer for more details to protect their headphones. In addition, other tips such as regular cleaning must also be taken into account to keep your headphone safe and avoid damage. Your buying decision will be therefore judicious by comparing products features through to asking experts.