Q & A

1.Q:How to reset the headphones?

A: Please reset your headphone by inserting 3.5mm audio cable into audio socket then removing it. Sometimes you may try long Press both “Multi-function”+”Volume Down“ buttons simultaneously more than 5 seconds to delete bluetooth pairing (or "Volume Up" + "Volume Down" buttons)

Please make sure to remove all cables if you need to use the bluetooth wireless.

Kindly Note:

1. please full charge your headphone before/after resetting;

2. And please reset several times to ensure success.

2.Q: Why can't the headphones pair with my mobile phone?

A: Please check whether your headphones are in pairing mode or reconnection mode, check if the Bluetooth search function of your Bluetooth device is turned on, then go to the Bluetooth menu of your Bluetooth device, delete/forget the headphones, delete the bluetooth paired name and reconnect them.

3.Q: Why can't the headphones turn on?

A: 1. Please double check the battery status of your headphone.;

2. Please try to reset the headphone;

3. Please make sure to remove all cables if you need to use the bluetooth wireless.

4.Q: How to shut down the headphones?

A: Reference Video: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL29MqQruxXfJkfUoqzyA663p6TDquMkhK

Please note that ANC and Bluetooth are indicated by the same LED indicator light(but different light color), with a green light for ANC and a blue light for Bluetooth. If you need to turn Bluetooth off, please turn off ANC firstly in case that you make confused by the color lights, then long press the multi-function button 3-5 seconds to turn off the headphone.

5.Q:Why low sound?

A: 1. After pairing successfully, please tap the icon on the right of your device name on the Bluetooth menu of your device and make sure the "Sync volume with phone" is on. IOS will synchronize volume automatically, but Android needs to turn on manually.

2. Please increase the volume on both the device and the headphones.

3. For some software such as SPOTIFY, you may need turn the equalizer to OFF, then the full spectrum come through and the volume will be easily adjustable.

6.Q: Can I replace the battery in the headphones?

A: No.These headphones use a built-in non-detachable Li-Polymer battery which can't be replaced.

7.Q:How to activate Siri voice control?

A: Press both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to activate the voice dialing function(compatible with iPhone Siri and selected Android voice dialing software).

8.Q:If I can connect headphones via PS4?

A:You could plug the included aux cable into the controller, but you won't have a microphone. While the PS4 has Bluetooth, Sony has limited it to proprietary accessories. Other accessories require a proprietary dongle.

9.Q:Can I connect headphones via Xbox?Echo Dot?

A.No,Xbox,Echo Dot bluetooth speak and headphones are all bluetooth receiver, they can connect with bluetooth sender only.

10.Q: Can I use the headphones while driving?

    A: For your safety, we strongly recommend you do not use headphones while driving so as to avoid distraction.

    11.Q:Why do the headphones sometimes disconnect from the Bluetooth device within 10 meters?

    A: 1. Please check if there are any metal materials or obstacles within a relatively close range or your surroundings that perhaps interfering with Bluetooth connection. This may happen because Bluetooth is a radio technology which is sensitive to objects between headphone and other devices.

    2. Delete the Bluetooth pairing name on your ALL devices(it will toggle between your connected devices due to multi-point connection), restart it. Then reset your headphone by inserting the included audio cable into headphone audio socket and removing it(sometimes need to insert several times to reset successfully), then reconnect it.

    12.Q: Why my Srhythm headphone has no sound or the mic is not working on the computer?

    A: Please make sure that the headphone is connected via bluetooth before starting software.

    1. MAS OS: [System Preferences]-[Sound]-[Output]-select Srhythm NC25 -[Input]-select Srhythm NC25

    Windows: [Settings]-[System]-[Sound]-[Output]-select Srhythm NC25 -[Input]-select Srhythm NC25

    2. Left-click the small speaker icon on the desktop---select the playback device---select Srhythm NC25 Stereo for high sound quality but no mic---select Srhythm NC25 Hands-Free AG Audio for mic but bad sound quality (Please select the corresponding function according to your needs).

    13.Q: Why am I unable to use the headphones to control the volume of a track playing on an APP on my mobile phone?

    A: Due to the configurations of different application software, the headphones may not be completely compatible with some APPs.

    14.Q: What do I do if Bluetooth crashes?(Cannot close or open)

      A: Please reset the Bluetooth function of the headphones by inserting an audio cable into the audio port and removing it.

      15.Q: Why does Bluetooth turn off when I connect an audio cable?

        A: This is one of our special features. When the user inserts an audio cable into the audio port,all Bluetooth feature buttons stop working and Bluetooth turns off. Don't worry, Bluetooth will be available again when the audio cable is moved.

        16.Q: Why the sound is poor when make calls via AUX?

        A: If the headset is connected to the device via AUX, the headset does not support the microphone function and only the audio transmission.

        17.Q:Which kind of driver need to download if I want to use microphone on PC?

        A: It doesn't need driver. Microphones work only when in bluetooth mode. Microphone starts work automatically after starting bluetooth. which is unavailable in wired mode, as well as other bluetooth features. If you have problems, you can try to restart your PC and reset your PC's bluetooth, and reset your headphones by inserting the included audio cable and removing it.

        18.Q:Battery is not enough as advertising?

        A:Ref. the working time, it depends on multi reasons. Include power rate, user environments, volume level and electric functions, etc. Please try to charge with included cable and we don't suggest charge on PC.

        19.Q:How to storage headphones if i don't use it often?

        A:Please noted full charged headphones can be left for several months until they are completely discharged. In order to keep the battery life better, please do not keep it charging for a long time when it's fully charged, or keep totally out of battery for a long time.

        20.Q:Why does the sound quality is poor when connected on PC?

        A:Some have mentioned poor audio quality on Windows PCs. Note that there are "Headset" and "Headphone" modes you can toggle by changing your output device. Selecting Headphone mode will drastically improve the quality. Headset mode is designed for highly compressed VOIP calls, etc. That's not the fault of the product, that's just the limitation of that protocol. If you're in headphone mode, the audio is fantastic.

        21.Q:Why can't pair to second bluetooth device?

        A: Make sure the headphones are connected to one device successfully and music is not playing before connecting them to another.

        22.Q:Can I use two bluetooth devices at the same time?

        A:Srhythm anc headphone can connect with multi bluetooth device, but you only can use one device simultaneously. For example, when you connect with your PC to watch TV and cellphone. One call coming, you can choose answer the call or watch the TV, you can't do it simultaneous, thanks.

        23.Q:Why no difference with ANC "on"VS"off"?

        A:In order to make sure headphone features with good performance(sound quality, bluetooth and noise cancelling), it need full charge and hold enough battery power rate. In this case, I would like to determine whether you have used the headphones correctly:

        1.Please check whether you switch the Active Noise Cancellation button to ON(indicator light is green). ANC is controlled seperately

          2.Cancels mostly "low frequency" noise from aircraft, subways, cars and crowds

          3.Please use ANC headphone in noise place. It is helpless in quiet place.

          4.Please make sure that the headphones do not suppress wind noise and human voices.

          24.Q:I can't connect to TV via bluetooth adaptor,why?

          A: 1.Make sure the adaptor with Transmitter/TX/Launch mode, some adaptor only have Receiver/RX mode.Transmitter adaptor include AUX port and audio cable

          2.Pairing steps(please use audio cable together. don't use adaptor alone)

          Plug adaptor into USB port to supply power, Insert the 3.5mm audio cable into audio port on the adaptor. Insert the other end of audio cable into the audio output of your TV.

          25.Q:How long is the warranty?

          A:Standard warranty: 3 months.

          you can prolong warranty to 18 months by registering member.

          Lifetime 5 star support for Srhythm products.

          7 x 24 hours customer service: service@srhythm.com