NC35 vs NC75 pro, Which One to Choose?

Fans of music? Released this year, two new Bluetooth headphones were developed for getting the best sound experience ever. With a powerful technology upgraded, both versions combine high quality materials and premium design, and excel a sounding effect by offering an immersive deeper bass. Compatible on public devices, their technical and sound performance may differ according to their features, which relate to a compare for choosing which one is the best between NC35vs NC75 pro.

SpecificationsNC35 vs NC75 Pro

Before starting and comparing both versions in detail, let´s have a close look first about their specifications:



NC75 Pro


August 2019

July 2019

Weight unit



Charging time

10min fast charge up to 40H playtime

5min fast charge up to 40H playtime

Power charge

800mAH - Protection against voltage

750mAh - Protection against voltage




Operating distance

Up to 10m -33ft

Up to 10m -33ft

Sound quality

40 mm HD Stereo, mega bass, 360 degrees omni-directionnal sound

Dual HD driver 40mm, deeper bass, 360 degrees omni-directionnal sound


32 ohms ± -10%

32 ohms ± -10%

Frequency range

20-20 KHz

20-20 KHz





High-quality memory protein leather, soft and durable

High-quality memory protein leather, soft and durable


A2DP,AVRCP, HSP, HFP, CVC8.0, Air pressure balance


Active cancellation noises

Up to 90 percent

up to 92 percent





Mic, Siri/Google Assistant

Mic,Siri/Google Assistant


Iphone, Android, PC, TV, video games

Iphone, Android, PC, TV, video games

Other features

Type-C charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, carrying Zip Case, airplane adaptor, user manual, warranty card

Micro charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, carrying Zip Case, airplane adaptor, user manual, warranty card

Released this year, both high-end versions excel technical and audio performances for delivering a clear sound quality. Featured with powerful technologies, they both impulse you in rhythm for focusing on what matters most in silence and offering you the most comfortable experience. Built jointly with same premium design, they also specify different sounding features and hold the latest chip for capturing a premium HD sound. So, let´s compare them accordingly.

DesignNC35 vs NC75 Pro

Compared to NC75 pro version, the new NC35 version is much lighter and ultra-compact for being carrying with ease. Easier to adjust, and well-shaped with an ultra-soft material cushioned in memory protein leather, the comfortable headband can support different scales to ensure the best sound experience ever. Curved and ultra-thin, its upgraded design offer a new touch feel and sensation for pleasuring and relaxing in music. Embellished by a covered logo on both lateral sides, the Bluetooth headphone give you a strong personality with elegance and comfortable sleek design for wearing it on a daily use.

In parallel, both versions are stitched with high end materials, resistant and durable outdoor. Coming with a rectangular size box including a carrying case and accessories kit for travelling easily, they both ensure an optimal protection, comfort and long life. From which version chosen, premium sound differ according to your most suitable design as explained cf-below.

Audio and Voice Quality NC35 vs NC75 Pro

As you might expect, both versions perform your Bluetooth ANC headset with a premium HD sound. Their sound performance are proven by an incredible diaphragm improving the transmission speed and sounding effects. Indeed, both are literally equipped with the same dual HD driver 40mm, powered with a deeper bass and a 360 degrees omni-directionnal sound by making your sound experience as one of the most enjoyable.

If you are taking a lot of calls everyday, the single feature should be compelling with your phone to urge purchase. Voice quality on NC75 pro version is much clearer by filtering noises up to 92 percent in a loud environment. That is because ANC function enable to reduce them actively and clearer your sound quality while on traveling, etc. The mic technology supported does a remarkable job by delivering a clear sound quality through an active control as explained in the next section.

ControlsNC35 vs NC75 Pro

As regarding the controls, you might consider it as much more flexible with premium technologies on NC35 version. Equipped with an exclusive design of air pressure by equalizing sound and bass systems, the clarity added optimize your sound quality while you are calling and release the ear pain in a loud environment .Built-in with different technologies such as A2DP, AVCR, HSP, HFP, NFC or CVC8.0, your control will be much easier and faster for relaxing or pleasuring. Because it support a control by mic and Siri voice, your command functions will be operated by a powerful chip which ensure an operating distance up to 10m. By meaning so, your Bluetooth devices connected hands-free will deliver a crystal clear sound through an optimal control. Compared to NC75 Pro version, NC35 is a perfect voice assistant and featured innovative technologies, an ergonomic design with soft touch buttons for controlling and charging easily as shown in the next section.

Battery life NC35 vs NC75 Pro

Powered with a quick charge in 5min, NC75 pro is able to charge up to 40H playtime and let you focus on what matter most in silence. Made of high quality materials, your charge will be safer with a protection against voltage built-in. Fully compatible with all devices connected by being waterproof and durable, your Bluetooth ANC headphone will keep last and ensure a long life by protecting it.

In parallel, the NC35 has a better power charge of 800mAh, by enabling it to charge up to 40H playtime. Also built with high quality resistant materials and fully compatible with all devices, the battery remain safe and covered by a protection ensuring a long life to your Bluetooth ANC headphone. Though the charging time is up to 10min, it excel a performance and durability while on travelling, etc.

Among other things, you may notify both versions differ in term of power charge and charging time, and relate thus to your sound performance. Equipped with the same technology battery powering faster your device, their design also differ which make their price compare different.

PriceNC35 vs NC75 Pro

If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth headphone, NC35 version is the right choice. Largely appreciated by global customers, the medium price starting at 66 euros will bring you an optimal comfort and pleasure featured with innovative technologies. Perfect for outdoor and indoor, you will explore the horizon of each step by treasuring a pure sound. Compared to its older version, NC75 Pro, pricing start at 76 euros and embellish your environment with a sound excellence and premium design. Indeed, powered with high technology, the Bluetooth headphone NC75 Pro is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to experience the best sound ever combined with one of the most comfortable wear.

The verdict

Overall, the new range of Srhythm will bring you a new kick-start in your day. With innovative technologies and performing sound, both versions released this year adopt a clear structure for getting the best sound experience. Let´s summarize and compare them very briefly:

- If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth headphone, easy to control, ultra light-weight and portable, NC35 will be an excellent choice for each occasion.

- In parallel, if you are looking for a truly immersive sound with deeper bass and better charging time, NC75 pro version will be more suitable for experiencing the cymbals and clear sound audio performance on continue.